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Individual and Group Therapy For Men!

I am a psychologist that specializes in treating men. If you’re 18-80, I work with you. If you’ve got ADHD, trauma, addiction, relationship problems, career problems, you’re an ideal client. If you’ve served in the military, if you’re a first responder, police, firefighter, if you’re a lawyer, a doctor, a business owner, a coder, a gamer, an electrician, a carpenter, or if you drive a truck – I’m your guy.

Tons of people ask about what I do. When I answer and say. “I’m a psychologist that specializes in treating men,” most people go, “Huh? Wow, I’ve never heard of anybody doing that. Do men even go to therapy?” Well, they may not go to Grandma, and they sure aren’t going to lie on a couch, but they do come to see me.

The next most popular thing people ask is, “Why men?” The easy answer is because I can speak their language. I am arrogant enough, cocky enough and abrasive enough to keep up with the bravado, the show, and the machismo. And I love it! After an hour, they know I understand them and that I’m somebody they can relate to. That makes me different.

I don’t think women will ever be able to understand the life of a man 100% accurately, no matter how empathetic or experienced or trained they might be. So I’ve got that going for me. And I’ve got a very clear belief of what it means to be a good man. You fight for what’s right. You provide. You work hard. You leave it better than you found it. You make new things. You invent. You discover. You’re kind. You make sure people around you feel special. You hope to be a hero, and you act like a champion. You’re confident.

So here’s me being confident. I’m really good at what I do. And I haven’t met anybody who does therapy the way I do. 

Group Therapy

Individual Therapy

Full Session (60 min) - $215

  • Most of my clients come for a full session once a week, sometimes more if needs dictate.

Double Session (120 min) - $400

  • A great choice when clients need to do more work on an immediate goal, or for those who can only come intermittently.

Intensive (2 x 120 min) - $800

  • The intensive is four hours of therapy split into two sessions. You can schedule them for the same day or on consecutive days. This is designed to address a specific need and get you back out into your daily activities. That's it! You don't have to sign up for a lifetime of therapy.

Group Therapy

Men's Process Group (90 min) - $65

  • Process groups are long-term therapy groups that meet once a week. They are one of my favorite ways of doing therapy because they offer clients a tremendous amount of insight and support. It's a perfect choice for those clients struggling with any and all problems, and it can be a great compliment to individual therapy. More info about group therapy.

Group FAQ

  • When, Where and How Long?

My groups are normally made up of 5 to 10 members and meet weekly for 90 minutes.

  • What do we talk about? Am I supposed to bare my soul or my deepest darkest secrets?

Many groups are targeted towards specific topics, like depression or social anxiety. Currently my groups are not targeted. Rather, they discuss the needs of any/all members. It’s time for guys to just talk about being men.

  • What should I share then?

It’s important to use your own judgment when you share with the group. Unlike individual therapy, there is no guarantee of confidentiality in a group. That said, vulnerability and trust are usually the first tasks for a group. I do my upmost to help lay the groundwork for quality sharing and developing a culture of trust within the group. You’re not strangers for long. Pretty soon you will look to your group as a safe and trusted source of personal growth.

  • Talk to a bunch of strangers!? Seriously?

It may sound intimidating to meet with a group of people you don’t know, but there are so many benefits that group therapy can offer, that individual therapy can’t. First, they are great support. They are great sounding boards that might offer creative solutions for you, and then keep you accountable. Second, they put everything into perspective by normalizing much of life’s difficulties. Most of the time we suffer alone and think that we are the only one suffering. Groups put that to rest! Third, but just when you thought everyone was the same, each member brings their own life experience to group. Your diversity will strengthen the group.

  • Is this just a support group?

Nope. This is not your average as-seen-on-TV group. Guys come to my groups because they want to be uncomfortable and change. And as a psychologist, with hundreds of hours in group training, I bring the science and expertise!

  • Are your groups open or closed?

Open or closed refers to how and when a group accepts members. Open groups accept members to come and go. Closed groups typically begin and end together. For instance a group might begin on a specified day with eight members and meet weekly for 12 weeks. I keep all my groups open and allow the group to decide when they would like to close or remain open.

If you have a desire to participate in a specialized therapy group (e.g. anger management, addiction, victims of domestic violence, etc) please let me know